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Simple online booking

You can easily arrange your carpet cleaning service online. Just use our intuitive online booking form. All you need to do is to enter your postcode and specify the details of your service. Choose a day and time that work best for you. You will find that we can send a technician even during the weekend and official holidays as long as there is an available time slot.

Dedicated technicians

We work with in-house cleaning technicians who use some of the latest professional equipment to bring you amazing results. They are eager to bring you the best results possible. You will find their knowledge and expertise to be on point when it comes to carpeting, upholstery or mattress cleaning.

Highly effective cleaning methods

When it comes to carpet cleaning, the professionals resort to modern methods that are great against the most common types of domestic stains such as those from drinks and food. The technicians can pre-treat every stain with specific detergents that target the particular substance that has affected the carpeting. This way, we guarantee the successful removal of the stains.

Improving the air quality in the room

One of the best aspects of deep carpet cleaning is the fact that the quality of the air in the room will be improved due to the effective removal of the dust particles and mites that have accumulated in your carpeting over time. Keep in mind that this can’t be achieved through vacuum cleaning alone. 

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How does our carpet cleaning work

Pre-treatment of stains

This is an essential part of the stain removal process. After carefully inspecting the item and the types of stains, the technician will apply special solutions on them to dissolve the substance that has settled. This will ensure that the deep cleaning will be effective and there won’t be any traces and odours left after the machine cleaning.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning

In order to bring you immaculate results, we resort to highly effective hot water extraction carpet cleaning done with high-end machines. This method is often confused for steam cleaning but actually works in a totally different way, and it is a lot more effective.

Basically, a powerful machine with a nozzle is used to apply hot water under pressure over the pile of the carpeting. As the technician slides the nozzle over the carpeting, a brush attachment is working to dislodge the accumulated grime and dust. Meanwhile, a powerful suction attachment is removing all the moisture (along with the grime). All of this happens simultaneously, and the carpet is being cleaned and dried at the same time. The suction attachment is able to remove about 95% of the moisture within the carpet. This leaves your carpeting nearly dry and perfectly refreshed.

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How much does carpet cleaning in Erskine Park cost?

The average cost for carpet cleaning in Erskine Park is $217, and the prices range from $105 to $538.

Most customers who book professional carpet cleaning in Erskine Park have 2-bedroom properties.

Upholstery cleaning is commonly booked alongside it, with an average service duration of around 1 hour and 49 minutes.

The majority of customers choose the Fantastic Club to save money.

*The provided information is collected from our database over the past 12 months.

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Local Carpet Cleaners Near You

Carpet cleaning is one of our many services we offer, with a full coverage of Sydney. So, you can count on local cleaning experts, who can swiftly come to your home address or place of business to perform the service and restore imaculate look of your carpets. See below some of the top places in the city and the surrounding areas with the highest demand for our carpet cleaning solutions:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you take the carpets away to be cleaned somewhere?

    A: No, this service takes place within the property. Thanks to our automated cleaning method, your carpets can be refreshed and left nearly dry just as they are, situated on the floor. There is simply no need to lift them. This saves so much time and efforts.

  • Q: How many cleaners will come to complete my services?

    A: For carpet cleaning alone, we will send a single technician. However, if we are dealing with a really large property, then we might arrange for two or more cleaners to come depending on the scope of the job.

  • Q: Can I make a booking for the weekend?

    A: Yes, you can easily arrange a service for your property, even if it is for the weekend or an official holiday. Keep in mind that this is a subject of availability, though.

  • Q: Can I make changes to my appointment?

    A: Yes, you can cancel or change your appointment but please make sure to do so at least 48 hours prior to avoid the fee.

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