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Secured Bond Cleaning in Brisbane with the Fantastic Experts

Are you concerned about a fast-approaching bond cleaning in Brisbane? No need to be, because there is a quick way to guarantee a full deposit refund and the restoration of your rental property's clean state!

We, at Fantastic Cleaners, know how to properly take care of the bond cleaning at the end of your lease. We are ready to do it when you need us, too.

In order to secure the full retrieval of your deposit, we provide a 7-day bond clean guarantee. This means that we will clean and re-clean your place (if we have to) within the appointed period of time until your landlord is happy and your bond is safely back in your pocket.

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The Advantages of Our Top-to-bottom Bond Cleaning in Brisbane

Fantastic Cleaners Brisbane works only with reliable and highly experienced cleaning specialists. They have the know-how and the right qualifications to perform a vacate cleaning to the highest standards.

High-end professional equipment, along with child- and pet-safe cleaning products are provided by us for the purpose.

All specialists are punctual, well-mannered and dedicated to justifying your trust. Given that they are not paid by the hour, you can rest assured that they will stay and work on the bond cleaning checklist until your expectations are met.

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What Does an End of Lease Cleaning in Brisbane Include

The service is designed to target all living areas in the property, following a rental inspection cleaning checklist.

Everything is sanitised to the highest standards and where necessary, deep cleaning solutions are recommended at discounted rates. Your end of lease cleaning service covers (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Kitchen appliances are sanitised (inside and outside), as special attention is paid to the oven that is cleaned in detail;
  • Bathroom and toilet are disinfected from top to bottom: sinks, bath, toilet are scrubbed to a perfect shine, tiles and showerscreen are descaled; the shower, all fittings, cabinets and mirrors will be also cleaned and polished, special attention will be paid to fans/vents ;
  • The windows are washed and polished on the inside, sills and tracks are cleaned, as well (blinds are dusted if present). You can have external window cleaning included and get it at a better price, too, if you request it with your bond cleaning service.
  • All surfaces are polished and sanitised: shelves, cupboards, drawers, bench tops, tables, mirrors, door frames, picture frames, light switches, furniture etc.;
  • Hard floors are vacuumed and then mopped;

We also have a fantastic deal to help you save on your end of lease clean!

You can combine your rental cleaning with a professional deep carpet sanitation for ridding all carpets of tough stains and odours. Just give our agents a call and tell them about your preferences!

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Bond cleaning

Who Else Can Benefit From an Exit Cleaning in Brisbane

Landlords, who have vacant lodgings, can also take advantage of our detailed exit cleaning in Brisbane.

You can book a same-day or next-day appointment with confidence! We will make sure that your property becomes spotless, following closely agency approved cleaning checklists.

We are also happy to build a lasting working relationship with real estate agencies, property developers and rental investors. They can benefit from our customised rates for professional end of lease cleaning of multiple properties.

Additionally, we specialise in assisting customers with sprucing up their properties before putting them on the market. Often, what's needed is a properly done cleaning to save yourself from investing in expensive renovations. We can even take care of your upholstery cleaning needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How long does a bond clean normally take?

    A: There is an average time of 4 hours, however, different factors are considered like the condition and size of the property, customer requirements, etc. Specifics and exact estimate could be received while booking your individual bond cleaning service with us.

  • Q: How many cleaners do you send to perform a move out cleaning?

    A: This depends on the size of your property. Usually, a team of two or three cleaning operatives will arrive to complete the job.

  • Q: Do you work on public holidays and weekends?

    A: Yes, we do not charge additional fees for services, performed out of regular working hours.

  • Q: Is the service performed on a hourly basis?

    A: No. This means that the cleaners will not leave until your moving house cleaning is fully completed.

  • Q: How far ahead is best to book a bond cleaning service?

    A: It is best to do it as close to the final inspection as possible, otherwise, dust accumulation and other factors could affect the results. If you are not sure when the inspection is planned for, just check your tenancy agreement or directly discuss it with your landlord. Still, if there is some kind of issue after the inspection, our bond clean comes with a 7-day guarantee, so we will return and resolve it as fast as possible.

  • Q: Is there a problem if I am not at home on the day of the service?

    A: No. You can arrange for someone to open the door for us or organise a key pick-up.

  • Q: Do I have to provide anything for my end of lease cleaning?

    A: Running water and electricity will be needed for effectively using our professional equipment and also for inspecting the progress of our work. It would be great if free parking spot close to the property is also available, as often we have to transfer our heavy cleaning equipment.

  • Q: Will you steam clean my carpets and furniture to remove any stains?

    A: Deep cleaning solutions for carpets, rugs and upholstered items are applied at discounted rates, when you book a bond cleaning service.

  • Q: Is fridge cleaning included in my bond cleaning service?

    A: We can perform fridge cleaning as an additional service where extra cost will apply. However, you can check with our representatives, as some special package offers may be available. If you opt in for a fridge cleaning, we recommend that the appliance is defrosted prior to the arrival of the cleaners for convenience and faster completion of the job.

  • Q: What if the cleaners break something?

    A: We are a certified and insured service provider and you will be compensated if a cleaner incurs any damages during the cleaning process.

  • Q: Do I need to move any furniture prior to the cleaners’ arrival?

    A: It would be best if the property is unfurnished and all personal belongings are removed altogether. This will guarantee a smooth and fast cleaning process and you won't have to worry about your personal items.

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