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Carpet Cleaning

What are the advantages of professional carpet cleaning?

Do you have a couple of pets, small kids and regular guests at home? Then, surely, maintaining your carpets in clean condition is rather hard. Yes, you do the vacuuming on a regular basis and the occasional spot cleaning of marks and stains, but this is not enough to eliminate deeply embedded soiling, high-traffic lanes and the like. This is where specialist carpet cleaning comes handy, which should ideally be done by professionals with the right equipment once every 6 months.

Expert deep cleaning of your floor coverings not only improves the overall presentable and hygienic look of your home interior but also ensures superior indoor air quality and long life for your rugs. Furthermore, only folks that have tried to remove stubborn stains will know that this is often simply impossible with whatever DIY cleaning technique they may have come across. So, do contact Fantastic Cleaners Midland to address even the most challenging carpet cleaning tasks anytime!

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What our clients say:

Why choose Fantastic Cleaners in Midland

Fantastic Cleaners is part of the leading property maintenance service provider - Fantastic Services. The company has a decade of experience in delivering stellar cleaning solutions to customers in major cities in Australia, including Perth and its suburbs.

We work with vetted and fully trained local carpet cleaners, who take pride in what they do best. They use high-end equipment and professional carpet cleaning products, which are safe for people and pets.

Our services can be easily booked online in minutes, be it through the GoFantastic app or by filling the online booking form. And that’s not all. Did you know that we operate 7 days a week, including on public holidays? This surely is convenient for our clients like you, who can schedule the service for a day and time that fit their busy lifestyle.

In addition, we’ve got a popular membership programme, called the Fantastic Club, which offers numerous attractive perks. Last but not least, you may be able to save some money, time and effort by combining more than one service. Just watch out for our seasonal and promotional deals.

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How the carpet cleaning service in Midland goes

The professional carpet technician will arrive at your address in Midland with all the necessary equipment for the job. Your rug will be vacuumed first and examined for any stains and traffic lanes, which will be pH-tested if needed and pre-treated. The Fantastic experts will determine the material that your rug is made of, in order to proceed safely with the next step.

Our carpet cleaning treatment procedure involves the use of a hot water extraction machine, which injects, under pressure, heated water and detergent into the carpet. The process is very effective in loosening dirt and stains. The equipment is also designed to extract dirt and moisture, leaving your carpeting perfectly clean and almost dry.

Note that the drying time may take up to 6 hours, with wool rugs taking the longest to dry out completely.

You can order some additional carpet maintenance solutions at extra charges, as well. 

  • Carpet protection - the cleaner will apply a protective layer that will deter stains and make cleaning of spills a piece of cake. The product we use is manufactured by the popular brand - Scotchgard. Its active ingredients can protect your floor covering for up to 6 months. Note that the drying time, in this case, can reach up to 6 hours. Still, you can safely use your carpet if you walk on it barefoot.
  • Deodorising - To remove stale and unpleasant odours even more successfully, add deodorising to your booking, which we highly recommend.
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Carpet Steam Cleaning service

How much does carpet cleaning in Midland cost?

The average cost of carpet cleaning in Midland is $140. The price range for the service is between $91 and $418.

70% of the carpet cleaning bookings in Midland are for 2-bedroom properties.

Half of the clients also combine the service with oven cleaning.

Additionally, one out of every eight clients in Midland becomes a member of the Fantastic Club to get better rates.

*The provided information is collected from our database over the past 12 months.

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Local Carpet Cleaners Near You

Carpet cleaning is one of our many services we have full coverage in Perth. So, you can count on local cleaning experts, who can swiftly come to your home address or place of business to perform the service and restore imaculate look of your carpets. Every area is included, but here you can see some of our top places with highest demand:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How long does carpet protection last?

    A: Scotchgard protection can last up to 6 months and is very effective when it comes to deterring stains from forming on your carpeting.

  • Q: What is the average duration of your carpet cleaning service?

    A: An averaged-sized rug can take about 40 minutes to clean. It will all depend on the condition of your floor covering and its size.

  • Q: Can I book upholstery cleaning together with carpet cleaning?

    A: Yes, subject to your location and our availability, you may take advantage of our upholstery cleaning solutions.

  • Q: Can your service help eliminate carpet odours?

    A: Yes, the carpet cleaning technique we use will leave your carpet smelling fresh. You can always add deodorising to your service, as well.

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