Highly effective carpet cleaning service in Morley

  • Prolonging your carpet’s life
  • Removal of all nasty stains
  • Improved air quality at home

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The carpet cleaning service in Morley you can trust

Vacuuming your carpets and rugs is a part of your household cleaning routine and can help you a lot when it comes to crumbs and surface dust, but what about the stubborn stains and nasty smells?

To get rid of those, you could invest in expensive carpet cleaning machines and detergents, which also does not guarantee you a perfect result. That’s why we recommend you to opt for a professional carpet cleaning service and let the experts do the hard work for you.

The Fantastic Cleaner specialists are fully trained and certified to bring your carpets’ back to life and to deliver you the best possible results. After your carpet cleaning service, not only will your carpet will be refreshed, but also your room’s air quality.

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Why choose us for your carpet cleaning in Morley?

  • We have more than 10+ years of experience in the cleaning industry.
  • The technicians we work with use only modern equipment and industry-grade cleaning products, which are also child and pet safe.
  • The technicians are certified and the service is insured in case of damage.
  • We can provide you with additional Scotchgard stain protection and deodorizing.
  • You can combine your carpet cleaning session with other cleaning or gardening services from our portfolio.
  • Our carpet cleaning service is available for both domestic and commercial clients.
  • We have no hidden fees and our service can be easily booked online in a few minutes.
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Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services

How the carpet cleaning service in Morley goes

Inspection and pre-treat

The technician will arrive on time on the appointment day carrying everything necessary to perform the service. He will check your carpet’s material and the stains on it to decide which cleaning method to use and what chemicals will work best. Note that the technician will move any smaller furniture on top of your carpet but if there are heavier or larger items, you should move them before the service. Once the stains and carpet are examined, the technician will vacuum the area to loosen the top layer of dirt and proceed to stain pre-treatment, which consists of spraying the stubborn stains and high-traffic areas with a special detergent.

Deep cleaning

Once the carpet is pre-treated, the professional will use a powerful water extraction machine to clean your carpet. He will mix effective detergents with hot water and inject it into the carpet’s fibres under extremely high pressure, which loosens the dirt and grime. Then, thanks to the machine’s powerful extraction capacity, the loosened dirt is extracted back with 95% of the water, leaving you with a fresh and clean carpet. Last but not least, you can ask for a stain protection application, called Scotchgard, to maintain your carpet’s freshener for longer.

Drying time

Even if most of the water is extracted, your carpet will be slightly damp after the service. You can walk on it barefoot but we recommend you to let it dry completely for three to six hours. If you want to speed up the process, simply open all of your windows or turn the air conditioner.

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What is the cost of carpet cleaning in Morley?

The average price for carpet cleaning in Morley is $133. The price range for the service varies from $109 to $417

The majority of people who book rug cleaning in Morley have 2-bedroom properties.

Upholstery cleaning is the most common service they book in combination with carpet cleaning.

The average duration of a carpet cleaning service in Morley is around two hours.

*The provided information is collected from our database over the past 12 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I book you for the weekend?

    A: Yes, we work not only during weekends but also on public holidays.

  • Q: How often do you recommend a deep carpet cleaning?

    A: If you have small kids and pets, then cleaning your carpet deeply twice a year is a good decision.

  • Q: Should I do something before the service?

    A: Yes, since the cleaner comes alone he won’t be able to move heavy furniture located on your carpet, that’s why we ask you to move them before the service.

  • Q: Are the detergents you use toxic?

    A: No, our cleaning solutions are non-toxic and pet and child friendly. You can let your kids and pets walk over the carpet without you having to worry about them getting an allergic reaction or something.

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